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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Thought I’d start a series of these… to share what I stand for…. What’s important to me. Maybe you can think ahead and work out what your B and your C stand for.

A is for attitude! You’ve just gotta have a positive attitude to life. With one of those, you can tackle heaps. Never say die! Never give up! Be positive. And remember…have a crack at something a bit different. Try stepping outside your comfort zone. Remember, when people look at you, they’re reading your attitude. Even when you have a bad day!

Thinking today of Anne in Vic who is combating breast cancer by alternative methods. Good onya Anne and Alan. (Hey, they’ve got a powerful Christian faith too!) And Ron in Kansas who’s losing heaps of weight. He was BIG! I’m scared by the time I get over there I mightn’t recognise him! He’s so far lost about 40 pounds! I think that’s 20 odd kg. Still more to go he reckons.
The photo is of Rick (captain), who's battled cancer, and John Ansell, a blind mate of mine... with heaps of attitude. And a great faith.
Yes, A is for attitude.


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Bruce Anstie said...

Good post Keasty. A positive attitude is something I struggle with so reading this type of thing always reminds me to stop and take a look at how I am approaching life at the moment.
Hmmm? B . . . Bikes? And C . . . . cycling??

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Barry Squire said...

Another example you know about is the huge effort of Ross and Ann Pearson recovering from serious stroke to the extent that they rode their tandem around Oz 3 years after his stroke! Awesome effort! Great attitude to refuse to be beaten!
looking forward to meeting them at BFB 21st Bash on Nov 12 at Olympic Park!

Great idea, this Blogging, Keasty!


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