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Friday, February 09, 2007


Read this in our daily devotions... thought you might like a read.

Author Steve Stephens offers these suggestions to help build and maintain a happy relationship:

  • start each day with a kiss

  • always wear your wedding ring

  • go on regular dates

  • accept your differences

  • be polite

  • be gentle

  • give little gifts

  • smile often

  • touch

  • talk about your dreams

  • adopt a song as "your song"

  • laugh together

  • send cards for no reason

  • do what your partner wants before they ask

  • and learn to listen to what's not being said

  • encourage one another

  • do it his or her way
  • compliment one another daily

  • call during the day

  • slow down

  • hold hands

  • cuddle

  • ask for your spouse's opinion

  • be respectful

  • always welcome your spouse when he/she comes home

  • make an effort to always look your best

  • wink at each other

  • celebrate special events

  • learn to apologise

  • forgive quickly

  • set up regular romantic getaways

  • ask "What can I do to make you happier?"

  • be positive

  • be kind

  • be vulnerable

  • respond quickly to your spouse's requests

  • talk about your love

  • reminisce about favourite times together

  • treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy

  • send flowers on Valentine's Day and anniversaries

  • when you're wrong, admit it

  • be sensitive to your spouse's sexual needs

  • watch sunsets together - see above picture

  • say "I love you" often

  • never go to sleep angry

  • end every day with a hug
  • get professional help when you need it

  • and above all, pray daily for (and with) each other

Can you think of a few he's missed?

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At 1:13 PM, Blogger Students from WWTC said...

Got an email from a really good mate in Beijing re this list. He thought it a bit tough. Yeah... I guess... but the consequences of not doing this stuff could be "more expensive" in the long run!

At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great advice mate! (Grahame, can I call you mate?)

Number one on the list is number one for me. I will copy this list and review it often.
Some say, "it's the little things that count", but little things can grow and become significant if you put your heart and soul into them.
I suppose if you neglect the little things they can still grow, but they are likely to become weeds and thorns instead of blooms.

Thanks for sharing,


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous picture! Missed it the other day... How lucky the two of you are.


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