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Saturday, July 07, 2007


How cool is the date today…. 07-07-07!!!! And seven is my lucky number!
Every year in July a whole bunch of people from Victoria and New South Wales make the pilgrimage to Queensland. Why? The temps here are a very presentable 20+ degrees Celsius while further south it’s not as pleasant. It gives a bloke the chance to wear his shorts and T-shirts rather than be rugged up the whole time in winter garb.
Fay and I are at the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland. Very aptly named! 25 yesterday and 21 today (roughly.) Maroochy Palms to be exact. We are staying in Matilda, our Avan. Brother Alan and his family are here also in their new caravan.
There are a whole bunch of things you can do, but we’re not getting too involved, just happy to be in the warmth.
I played tennis last Friday before leaving Dubbo, and I’ve had a couple of bike rides since being here in Qld. I’m afraid both activities seem to aggravate my back injury at present. So, today I was very good and very quiet. Hopefully the back will recover so I’ll be able to take up normal activities. I feel like a cripple, and certainly don’t like being on pain killers. So, feel free to pray that my back recovers.
Another person who needs prayer is Lyn in Sydney. She’s had shingles, which by all accounts is a bugger of an illness. Sure hope you are able to rid yourself of that quick smart Lyn.
While in Newcastle enroute to Qld, we had a look at the Pasha Bulker. It’s a gigantic tanker which ran aground at Newcastle just north of Sydney during a huge storm. Fortunately they’ve finally got the Pasha off without too much damage to ship or harbour. Think it was stranded there for nearly a month.
Fancy our daughter Peta turned 30 while we were there! Unbelievable! She's the one on the left in the photo... Debbie on right. Peta and Jon are enjoying living in Newcastle but not appreciating the wet weather they’ve had to endure of late. At least many parts of our country have benefited from the recent rains and the farmers are much happier as a result.

New plans are for Fay and I to head to Dubbo where I've been lucky enough to get an appointment with Andrea my chiro on Monday arvo. That should straighten me out eh? Pain is something I don't do well!


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

After a night at Narrabri we have made it home by lunchtime Monday.
We called on Cher and David (from Cairns) who were visiting in Brisbane. Great to see them again.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been a while since I've checked the blog - love the pictures of Pasha!
Cycling training has started - 27kms on Friday. The good news is I made it that far - but the bum was a bit sore! Better train a bit more. Sounds like you and I might take the back of the group...

At 9:30 PM, Blogger bbsgirl said...

I'm not sure the difference in the temps since we are on Farenheit not celcius, but it sounds very comfortable.

I'm sure your back will be feeling fine in no time. I hate back pain so I hope it's not too uncomfortable for you. A co-worker of mine just went through her own bout with Shingles. She was hurting pretty badly, but seems to have recovered well.

Lovely photo of the family, thanks for sharing.


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