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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This giant sea lion reminded me of a grizzly with his light coloured mane. Just beautiful.

Takes all types. Some sleeping, some with jobs to do. Some just want to play or fight!

Hey... did you hear what I just heard? [I won't tell you how many photos of sea lions I deleted.]

Even this bloke heard it!! He wasn't too far away. Saw 1 yesterday and 2 today.

Heaps of small wallabies too. Maybe this one is a Tammar wallaby. He wasn't even frightened of us. Quite a few of his mates splattered on the roads.

This was quite impressive.

Admiral's cave. Heaps of NZ fur seals on the rocks and in the water. You might be able to spot some if you click on the photo so it enlarges.

These rocks were seen by early explorers Matthew Flinders and Rob Hughes. Matt said, "Gee they're remarkable rocks!" And some scribe wrote down... Remarkable Rocks!

Good weather means we can still get away with shorts. Could get cool any day now though.

These kids from Mt Barker school even posed for me! Not a bad bunch of kids. Wandering round the island for 3 days. Teachers were pretty laid back. We were impressed.
* * * * *
Sorry, you didn't get any photos of Kelly Hill caves. Maybe next time. Also Weir Cove near the lighthouse.

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