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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've got some text at the bottom. For now, just enjoy the beautiful scenery. It sure was magic!

Yep, we managed to get a bike ride in while in Alaska! Read about it below.

Ketchikan, Juneau and then Skagway. Today we dock at Prince Rupert in BC.

Here's our ship - photo taken from the top of the tramway in Juneau.

Just starting to get into the icebergs, which finally stopped our forward journey and meant we didn't get to see the face of a particular glacier that the captain had hoped we would view.

This canoe trip ewas just excellent - in the wilderness. Got up close and personal with Davidson Glacier.

Yep, that's us!

And that's "Davo"!
Our ship resting at Skagway.

Wow! Wow! And WOW!

I cannot describe the last two hours or so.

We left Juneau, Alaska, about 2 or 2:30 pm. Juneau of course is the capital of Alaska, not Fairbanks.

They have a bunch of excursions you can take. We did a “BIKE AND TRAM” one this morning. We were disappointed that the ship departed so early, but now, as we meander through TracyArm, amidst heaps of small icebergs, watching gigantic glaciers pass by on both sides, we know why the ship left when it did. Indeed, we have a beautiful sunny afternoon to watch these incredible, breathtaking monsters. We just stand (or sit) and gaze at these huge mountains covered in snow and ice. So peaceful. So still. So absolutely beautiful. God. What a GREAT CREATOR!

[Written at 6:30 pm Wednesday 11 May 2011.]

· * * * * * * * *

· * * * * * * * *

The dining here on Norwegian Pearl is just excellent. We try not to overindulge. We try and get some exercise in each day. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not as successful. BUT, what happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise! Isn’t that what they say?

There are several dining rooms to choose from each time you wish to eat. The waiters/waitresses have been just excellent. They come from a range of backgrounds, much like the passengers. There are many we’ve met and befriended from the Philippines, Singapore etc. Lovely folk.

The bike ride this morning was great. Been hanging out for a bike ride since leaving Eugene, Oregon, on Friday morning 6 May. [This trip was specifically a “non bike” trip – whatever that means.] So far we haven’t bought a bike in the USA. But then we haven’t left the country have we?

We didn’t ride all that far today, but we were taken up a mountain and allowed to ride down! Cool! Exactly! Extremely cool! Flying down a hill at about 7 with not quite enough clothes on. Forget about “cool” – it was COLD! Man my head was cold. My head was incredibly cold. But… it only lasted for a season. The ride was really good. Seven of us with 2 guides on bikes and 1 guy in the sag wagon. Bikes were quite good quality. Hybrid bikes with disc brakes. They did the job. [If I was in Juneau for about 10 days, I wouldn’t have gone cycling at 8am today! I must be getting weak.]

Remaining excursions include:

· Catamaran and then a large canoe to the toe of a glacier – Thursday

· Mysteries and traditions of the Northcoast native people – Friday

Thursday’s one is at Skagway, Alaska, and Friday’s at Prince George, BC.

What haven’t we done yet on this cruise? Ten pin Bowling. Swimming. Hot tubbing. Pub crawling. Trying our luck at the casino (just doesn’t appeal to us.)

One hit with us (and heaps of others) was DAVID NASTER. He’s a comedian who has a belief that humour and laughter are essential for a happy and long life. (Something like that.) He has three books:

1. You Just Have to Laugh through Tough Times,

2. When Work Gets Tough You Just Have to Laugh and

3. Is There Laugh After Death?

I think Everyman and David would get along fine.

· * * * * * * * *

The entertainment has been varied and professional. We saw a tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons tonight. Fantastic! There’s comedy, R&R, quartets, soul and jazz performers, acrobatic/juggling lunatics, Broadway hits, poolside parties, late night rock, exercise classes, rock climbing (haven’t done that yet), movies, golf, tennis, bingo, pub trivia, ten-pin bowling, daily Sudoku, a DJ, devotional prayer with guests and even Nintendo Wii! It’s been really great. In fact we’re going to bed early tonight so we’ll be able to do the excursion tomorrow and then continue to party after that. It’s about pacing yourselves. So, finishing off the bottle of red in bed tonight with music playing on the netbook…. Thanks Woody (Wagga) for the netbook; thanks Megsy (LA) for the music. Excuse me while I get into the cot! Seeya later….

##### Arrive Seattle Sunday ####


At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grahame and Faye,

Glad you are having such a wonderful experience! I have an uncle in Eugene, Oregon and a 2nd cousin in Juneau. I haven't made it to Alaska but I have been to Oregon and Washington twice. Unbelievable things to see in that part of the world as you now know.


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have a need to buy a bike, I wouldn't mind a tikit like your banana bike I rode on Rottnest! Trip sounds interesting. You seemed to have skipped Old Crow. I'm booked on very small boat from Juneau at this time next year - kayaking, fishing and hiking on glaciers. Open to advice. All the best. Love Sis

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So exciting dad, I wish I was there with you guys, we'd definitely get a pub crawl happening at the very least. Pictures look awesome! Loving your updates.


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