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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 Here's the team ready roll out of Coffs. Note young EmilyParkes on the right - a 15 year old local girl. She's a top mountain biker but a pretty fair road rider too. Gotta be related to Cadel I reckon.

 Troy the boy! He's a cool dude. Sometimes on the front of a tandem and sometimes riding a half bike (as above). That's Rosemary behind him.

Who's this? It was a top day today. It was a damn hard day... or was that just me. Think they did 170 km. Average speed around 30+. I was impressed.
John (Big John) has had 2 pilots that have never ridden on the front of a tandem before - Tim and Mark from Coffs. John was very pleased with both. Very grateful. Exceptionally happy with their performances.
Tomorrow we're off to Nabiac. Only 111 they reckon.


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Barbara Robinson said...

Hi Keasty, I liked your note about Andy Baltaks. I knew him ages ago in South Africa. Can you help me with an address or contact details for him? I have been in the Baptist Ministry for 22 years thanks to Andy and have been searching for him for even longer.


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