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Monday, May 28, 2012


 This guy might only be ONE, but he's already on the verge of conquering the world (well, at least the Southern Hemisphere anyway.)  Yes, he turned ONE 2 weeks ago. Well done Buddy. Been walking for a couple of months now. That's old hat.

 Jack's parents are really trying to keep this critter under their control.... alas.... I think it's a lost cause.

 When you're a grandfather, you have free rein to really spoil the grandkids rotten and then give the parents a bit of work to do. Somehow I figure parents have it easy these days. I mean, all they have to do is work, keep house and look after kids! Not much really is it? I'm sure we did more when we were their age.

Sometimes you wonder what these young fellas are gonna be like when they grow into young men! We have four grandsons so far, but pretty soon, there should be a grand daughter to join the boys! Won't she be spoilt? (Especially if the grandparents have anything to do with it.) Meanwhile I'd better have a snooze before the next bunch of 3 grandsons arrive home! At least the beard makes me look my age anyway!


At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm loving the beard dad... was it me who used to complain about it all the time as a kid? Sorry about that. It really suits you.


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