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Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Been spending a bit of time with four cool guys these last few days. And it'll continue while everybody awaits the impending birth of Deb's #4 kid - this time a girl! This is our youngest - just 1. He's the only one with straight hair! Think the girls are already lining up.

This guy is TWO. And he sure loves presents! Stubborn is his 2nd and 3rd names!! 

 This bloke cracks me up big time. It scares me when I think he's a bit like me..... very loud and sometimes obnoxious! We're working on him developing an indoor voice. He's sure got the outside one stitched up. We're looking forward to him turning four next month.

At five, this one is the "leader of the pack". Maybe he'll become an engineer. His spelling and maths are pretty impressive for a kinder kid. I even went to his school as a fill in "reading mum" recently. That was scarey stuff. I do enjoy walking him to school.
Yes, all four are boys.
Photos were taken by myself and the boy in blue! 


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