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Monday, June 04, 2012


 I was only 22 when I bought my first car - 260 pounds! It had 80,000 miles on it when I bought it. BXJ 262.
 OUR first car - a lovely Holden Premier. Great vehicle. Purchased 1967.

 Our first car in Canada. Maybe cost is less than a grand.

 Our 2nd and last car in Canada. 1970? Cost just over $1,000. Then bought 2 more when we were back in Australia.
 Our European Kombi - about 450 pounds. Went all over Europe. Slept in it everywhere. Bought as an empty van, not a camper. Sold for 400 pounds to a Sydney taxi driver.

 A V8 was the way to go when we lived up near the Qld border. 3 kids on board. Our first air conditioned vehicle. 1976 Holden Kingswood HZ (I think).
 1980 VC Commodore wagon. Maybe it cost about $12,000 and was sold many years later for about $5,000+. A 5 speed manual.

Another manual. $12,500 was a good price for this new Toyota Tarago. It held all of us and a few friends if need be. Purchased in 1984 I think. Our first NEW car. From the Toyota dealer in Young. A 2 Litre petrol engine.
All these vehicles had manual transmissions.
Did you have any like these?


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