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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have been truly blessed.
I chose my parents extremely well. The pic on the left of my parents was taken in 19.... hhhmmmm, you've got me there. Maybe 1967.
Jack was a solid, conservative, conventional bloke. He was both a top sportsman and a very bright research scientist; actually a veterinary surgeon.
This year is a special year. He was born in 1913, so this woulda been his 100th year, turning 100 next August. He died in 1992 from lung cancer. I was with him at the end. From him I got my love of cricket and tennis. He also introduced me to photography and helped me buy my first bicycle when I was about 12.
And my wonderful Mum? Yes, Willie gave me my belief in myself. An uncle used to refer to Willie as the Mother of the Gracchi children - Greek mythology. Our Mum thought we could do absolutely anything. Us kids were her "treasures". Sadly she died in 1968 at the age of 52. My parents are still with me... all the time.
The other Mr & Mrs Keast (right photo), Fay and I, were visiting the Cooks in Moulamein in 1968 when this was taken.
I have been truly blessed - I have a wonderfully supportive wife, Fay. We have invested 44 years into this marriage. That's a long time steady eh?  She has stood by me all the way... and still does today. Interestingly enough, she has similar credentials to my Dad - she excells in both sporting and academic areas. How lucky am I? How blessed am I?  As Coult said recently, "Keasty, you are extremely rich!"


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