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Friday, July 27, 2012


 She was one of four Howard sisters. Grew up around Hunters Hill area in Sydney. Willie's father died when she was just 16.

Willie married Jack Keast in Sydney when she was 24 - 1940. Two of her sisters were the bridesmaids. 

I remember Mum would take us riding. This is around 1951 I guess as I figure that's brother Alan in the kiddie seat. No doubt in those days the women mostly wore dresses. We lived at Liverpool at the time this was taken. Oh, she's riding a single speed bike too!

 Three generations.... Willie is the tall one, and she's with her mother, Mama, and daughter Margaret. Maybe about 1958 or 1959.

 The family. Maybe 1961.
Mum and Dad dancing on 30 Dec 1967 (at our wedding). Sadly Mum passed away in November the following year. Yeah, I think I inherited quite a bit from my Mum. Thanks. Never forgotten.


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