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Sunday, September 02, 2012


 10 am - Our first grandaughter, Nina, was baptised. It was a great event, witnessed by many friends and family. Brendan, the proud Dad, was the one who actually did the deed.

 Scott and Karen sang with Simon on the guitar. "Be strong and courageous..." Beautiful guys. Thanks.

 1:30 pm - Kathryn, a blonde comedian, locked her car..... engine running..... keys STILL IN THE CAR. Only a blonde could do that I reckon. Yes, it's a BMW!!!

 2:45 pm - I did my storytelling bit at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe (Sydney). You can even get a look and a listen to it later in the week, on youtube I'm assured. Thanks Kathryn. As an added bonus, our son, Jeremy, also took to the microphone and told a story from his perspective. It had a fathers' day emphasis.


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