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Monday, September 17, 2012


 Matera had heaps of cave dwellings in the hills. The inhabitants were chased out in the 50's & 60's, but more recently some have returned to renovate and live in them. Might be a bit of a hike to the nearest cafe though.

 Pizza on deck at Laterza. A lovely night. Pizzas cost 6 Euro each and accommodation here was 60 E a couple (large ensuite rooms and access to entire apartment.) The brekky (included), included lovely milk coffee and a croissant with LIQUID CHOCOLATE INSIDE. I kid you not. Matthew and Linda woulda loved that. Thanks Raelena & Giuseppe. 

On the way from Laterza to Bisceglie we saw these tulli - quite amazing. Cone-shaped huts made from stone, but meant to be portable!

 Top accommodation at Hotel OLYMPO when we got to Bisceglie. (Found on We paid 55 E here, which included a lovely brekky and security parking. 55 Euro is about $69.

 Next stop was beautiful Pacentro - east of Sulmona. We had a 2 storey pad which was built sixth century. Isn't that unreal? Stefania looked after us and got our brekky. While it was tiny, we had a bedroom and bathroom each. View? Magnificent!

What a lovely place to wander round at night, exploring. Here's Annette trying her hand at night photography. We are both using PANASONIC cameras.
We've now been 2 weeks into the trip. Heaps more to tell you - even about week 2!


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