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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Cava di Tirreni was an unbelievable spot. Gorgeous views and really worth it just for the drive there! Never thought I could drive through such narrow roads. At times I had to ask somebody to get out to see how close we were! Scarey! Ours is the big Pug on the right with red plates.

 All of us spent time here deciding whether we MIGHT get through this "laneway" (recommended by our GPS unit). Most figured we could probably make it. I know it'll disappoint you, but we decided not to try it. Meant we had to drive up a one way street the wrong way..... carefully.

 This was a view of the Amalfi Coast - Vitri Sol Mare. If you don't think it's a good photo, it's because Fay took it! I was the driver!!

 Saw 3 gorgeous Greek temples at Paestum, not too far from Amalfi Coast.

 At Reggio di Calabria we sought out the Pug dealer who checked out the "French Wombat" (our Peugeot 3008). That's the lovely Maria checking out the front of the car. The mechanic is checking out Maria. She was a huge help to us all.

 Maria's husband owned this resort with gym, beach, pools, change rooms etc. People get a 3 month season pass for June-July-August.

 Nectarines were large, juicy, tasty and quite cheap. Yummy.

 Matera was the place where they had all these caves in the side of the cliff. Unreal. Quite elaborate.

Found a B&B at Laterza (small town). Here we are getting clothes out of bags so we didn't have to lug suitcases up long flight of steps. Looks like people going through the bags on an Aussie rubbish collection day.
Well, that's week one over with! Done a lot and had a lotta fun. Bought no souvenirs - sorry kids.
Didn't have internet for some days. Not too many internet cafes in Italy, at least not where we're travelling. Don't know whether the car goes over 135 yet. It has stop/go technology and a 1.6 L turbo diesel donk. No problem with going that's for sure!!!


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great coverage of week one. It certainly helps to have a computer with you to share the adventure. We hope to put some photos up here and there on the computer in the Airbnb places where we stay. We'll have an itouch on which we can do email and Skype when we have Wi Fi. We have decided to do international roaming on our Aust phone (no OS sim) and just try and stick to sms. No 0408 694 994. Luv J n B


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