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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 There's something very special between a father-son connection. I know some blokes who, sadly, don't have a close relationship with their offspring. Very sad.

 I really like it when you get to do something special with your son/daughter (or father).  Like swimming. My son is having a ball in the water with his eldest son. Yeah, it's a bonding thing.
I've really enjoyed singing with one of my kids, and also bike riding (just to name but two activities).

 Here, a friend Merryn and her daughter Lani got to dress up together.
It's great having a common interest or goal too. Here Fay spends time with Jack on a Sydney ferry ride. They have a very close connection; I wonder if it's because she reads so much to him. He is one neat guy - Jack, the running man.
It's so important to treasure these moments, these connections. We don't know what lies ahead. Make sure you spend time with the ones you love - who knows what the future might have in store.
Yeah - twos are very special.
I'm looking forward to spending some time with each of my own kids, this weekend. Plus the 6 grandkids! And of course my kids' spouses. Seeya next week.


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