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Monday, January 18, 2016


I have developed a greater appreciation of women. “About time!” I hear 
somebody say. 
Blokes are handy. Blokes are necessary. It’s good to have blokes around 
and I’ve got some blokes who are really good mates. Like my mate Bill  is a pretty good bloke. BUT, women are pretty ....essential too!
 Yeah, I think “essential” is the word I’m looking for, except that that 
doesn’t really explain what I’m trying to say. In the last little while I've
 really noticed some of the female of the species and how they are so 
good at doing stuff!
Take my daughter Deb for example. She has four young kids, holds 
down a part-time job as an engineer, has church duties including 
music area, married to an Anglican minister, competes in triathlons 
and also has a role to play in cleaning house, cooking meals, doing 
washing etc. (Emphasis on etc.)
She is excellent at interacting with other friends, supporting people in 
need whether they be friends, rels or even folk she hasn't met yet. 

What’s she done lately? She played with (entertained) two three year olds 
in a pool on the weekend - one of them being her own. I hung her washing 
out one day - washing for two adults and four young kids. Strike! It goes on
and on!
Marg has a very caring generous nature. She has no kids of her own. 
She buys heaps of gifts for her great nephews and nieces. On the 
weekend she even played with them as they learnt to spin a yo-yo or 
were checking out a book on magic etc. She even buys stuff for her
own nephews, nieces and relatives. 

A young mother Bec was thinking of the children who were going to be 
at the pool party. She brought them all a bunch of bubble blowers!

What a great idea. The kids all had a ball blowing soapy bubbles. 
Simple! Effective!

I'll add to this in a week or so. There are plenty more examples.


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