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Thursday, October 05, 2017


We are so fortunate here on the lovely south coast of New South Wales when it comes to wildlife. There are heaps of kangaroos which the tourists really love. There are echidnas, wombats and possums. And then there's the bird life. Let's start with the black swans, followed by the rosellas, lorikeets, magpies, king parrots, kookaburras and more. But never fear - there are snakes here too in Australia. We have quite a few carpet snakes or pythons. Yesterday, Fay was doing some gardening when she dislodged one from his/her resting spot. He then headed along the grass, not worrying about Fay, and then headed up onto the roof. Clever fella. Here are a couple of photos Fay took which will help you get the message.

What a clever little fella eh? Carpet snakes eat vermin and aren't a threat to any of us, but they do panic the tourists a bit. 

If the carpet snakes get the chance they will eat one of our pretty parrots. That's life I guess. 


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