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Monday, September 26, 2005

Bike for Bibles Ride Report

The ride didn’t start off in great style. I boxed the road bike and it (Mongoose) and I jumped on the train for Katoomba (Blue Mountains.) Unfortunately only one of us got off at the correct station! So, the Mongoose finally arrived too late to put it together for the start of the ride the next day.
I finished up riding my daughter Debbie’s bike 44 km. Then she was feeling a bit better and said "how ‘bout we ride the tandem"? So, we got the tandem down and rode 20 km before she conked out. Then another young bloke (Ross Handley) jumped on the back and rode the next 70+ with me to Blayney. We both worked pretty hard. Ross is a 20 year old rider with plenty of guts. He found that you’ve really gotta put it in when you’re the stoker on the back of the tandem. Total distance was 140 km. Deb wasn’t well, so I arranged for Fay to come and pick her up from Blayney and take her back to a warm house at Dubbo with real beds and proper showers…and TLC from Mum!
Day 2 was not as flash a day but turned out to be an ideal touring day on the bikes. There are just over 50 riders and about 15 backup crew on this ride.
It was sad to leave the beautiful Blayney facility with its indoor pool and all. Much appreciated. Molong Central School hall was quite small in comparison, but we SQUEEZED in. It was a total of 116 km which was the same distance today (Monday). Only difference today was it was raining at the start of the day and it rained a fair bit during the day. Our B team (there are 4 teams), rode extremely well, with no punctures all the way to Dubbo! There are between 9 and 12 riders in our team and 2 roadie vehicles… one at the front and one at the back. We ride as a team and support each other. I ran out of "fuel" both yesterday and today in the last 20 km, but somehow managed to make it into the destinations. You might say, “limped in”.
I have a sore butt at present and am fairly weary. The left knee is hanging in there. I don’t think it’s up to too much tandem cycling though. That certainly puts quite a bit of extra pressure on it.
So, tomorrow is another day! Narromine and back…. Yes, it’s 116 km again! Wonder what bike I'll ride this time!


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