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Thursday, November 03, 2005

O/S 06 continued

Well... Overseas Trip is progressing well, in case you were asking.
Plans are to depart Sydney 1 February (I chose that because it should be easy to remember. I've only ever missed one plane and it's not a pretty sight.)
So we wander round South America. Bit scared about that. Heard about baddies over there who can rob you or take you or pickpocket you. I don't fancy any of those things. At least I'll have my 6'3" minder with me.... Jeremy (see post on HUMOUR.) You're right... he is just a big pussycat, except for the time he dressed as a hatchet man and scared the living daylights out of a bloke. Multitalented is our Jeremy.
After 6 weeks in Sth Am, we fly from Bogota (if we ever get out of there...) and land in Miami. (We were gonna head to New Orleans.... but we chucked that draft and have moved on.) In Miami we're gonna collect our NEW TANDEM TWO'SDAY. It's a bike that 2 people can ride and 2 people can put together and 2 people can pay for. Thank goodness. It gets made in Oregon! I don't believe it! I thought everything was made in China now? Have I missed something?
Here's where you can help. We land in Miami on 15 March. We have nothing planned till BAK in Kansas on first weekend in June (Bike Across Kansas). Or is it 10 June? I'd better check that. Any suggestions on where we should go and what we should do for a couple of months? Too cold at that time to head to Canada, so forget about that option. Can't visit Orange County (near LA) because Kathy and Jack are busy till the end of April. We'll use autodriveawy company to deliver vehicles around the States. Anyone you want us to drop in on? Anybody wanna come for a bike ride? I think Jennifer (a blogger) comes from Ohio.... wonder if we could find that place? Do you cycle Jennifer? Are there hills in Ohio? Fay is allergic to hills and magpies, so if you've got either, maybe look for other cyclists.
And you heard the one about - SHE'S NOT PEDALLING? All the Aussie blokes call that out when a tandem rides past. Well, we don't have any pedals for the new tandem yet! So she mightn't be padeall... I mean paddling... no... I meant pedalling.
You can see I'm stalling while I write about J can't you?


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Rita said...

You might want to visit Disney World in Orlando. You can come on up through Alabama and visit us in Decatur, AL. too. :)

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Thanks for the suggestion Rita. We might do that if we can find you.


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