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Sunday, February 11, 2007


[Photos above of Sir Don, "Church" and "Punter".]
It's all the fault of the Austn Cricket Association (or is it the Aust Broadcasting Commission?)
They are going to announce Aust's best One Day cricket team on 28 Feb. So I have issued a challenge to a bunch of cricket rels and buddies and asked them to come up with THEIR best team.
Well, it has certainly caused some problems. I don't expect Di in Adelaide, Jen or Julie in Ohio or Fabio in Brazil to join in, but maybe there are a few others who will have a go.
First Marg struck problems when she wanted to choose Bradman (I can hardly blame her.) I told her she couldn't have him or Nugget Miller or Norm O'Neill either. Those blokes never played ODIs for Aust (One Day International) because they hadn't been invented.
Then Irene from Wentworth abuses me! Reason: Dave couldn't sleep at night so he's up trying to work out his team. Irene finds him up in the middle of the night and wants to know why. When Dave tells her he's struggling trying to find an extra bowler for his team, Irene damn near flips her lid! So I get abused! Little old me, 6 hours drive away! She says, "Stop sending emails with cricket quizes and attachments Keasty!" in her Scottish brogue.
So, I apologise to any folk if I have caused problems with this project; that was not my intention. Sorry Reidy.

Meanwhile, the batsmen that will be in the running probably include: Bevo, AB, ChappellG, Clarke, Gilly, Haydos, Hussey, Jones, Lehmann, Punter, Reid, Symonds, MWaugh and SWaugh.
Bowlers will come from:
Bracken, Fleming, Kasper, Keast, Lee, Lillee, McDermott, the Pigeon, Rackeman and Warne.
Have I missed anyone?
I do have all the stats courtesy of Do you have a team you want to submit? (If you want me to, I can send you stats which will help and save you wandering round the house at night! Email me at

PS Congratulation England, you were too good for us. All the best for the World Cup in WI.



At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Marg said...

Well Pottsy, as I once challenged you to pick the best WI test side of all time, I can't blame you for this one.

However, if you want our best 1 day side, I still demand the right to pick those who would have done brilliantly at the format but didn't have the opportunity - like Miller, Chapelli and of course the master, the Don.

my next request ... can I have semi Aussies? I'm thinking of someone who has resided for some time in Oz, and has played and coached Sheffield Shield for SA (from memory) ... one Sir Garfield St Auburn Sobers?

And if I can have Sobers, what about Conrad Hunte, who said once that he had three homes, his caribbean home, his home in the land of his wife, America, and his home in the land of his heart, Australia?

Gee I can pick one heck of a team here!

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Marg said...

I lie - Garry Sobers did play one ODI.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Marg said...

and it turns out that he's now an australian, and by now has served his mandatory period away from international cricket after changing citizenship. so i can pick him too.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Students from WWTC said...

Why not pick Larwood too Marg? He came and lived here till he passed away didn't he?

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous marg said...

i thought of Larwood ... but am unsure of his citizenship, and he didn't play any ODIs.

I'll stick to sobers.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger julie said...

Indeed, I'll have to sit this one out. :)

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Fábio M. Machado said...

While in Australia, both times, I could watch some Cricket but never got to understand it... sounds so much classy but very difficult about it´s rules.
For my Brazilian background, it´s impossible to beat soccer... some have it´s "second sport" but soccer always comes first. I guess the day I get to understand Cricket it will probably be my "second sport", in this meantime, I think I can come up with a solution.
I´d probably kidnap Ricky Ponting and take him up to some crazy scientist´s lab... where I could clone as many copies of him as enough to for a team. I saw a very few of him playing against the English, but later on I saw the stats and he is really amazing!! Thou, I got to buy an Official Shirt for Aussie Cricket team with "14 PONTING" labeled on it´s back.
Good idea!! Maybe I could just wear the shirt and join the team too!!

Greeting from Brazil... we just had a great Carnival!!

Fábio M. Machado
São Paulo/Brazil


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