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Monday, March 05, 2007


Ever seen a cricket umpire wear a red nose before? It was a first for me at the SCG on Sunday. Good photo I reckon.
Qld were given the chance to win the 4 day Pura Cup match if they scored at 90 runs an hour for 4 hours! Yes, they needed 365 to win. It was an exciting innings with Broad (pictured here hitting a six) and Maher putting on 178 in the first two hours and therefore only needing another 187 to win the game in the next two hours. It nearly came off. Fortunately for NSW Thornely took a great caught and bowled to dismiss Maher before he could reach his 100. Broad scored 111 which gave him man of the match (deservedly so.) It was his first ton at that level. They finished up 8/355, ten runs short. So it was a draw.
Other photos which take us back to Moula days/daze in 1966-67 inlude Army & Rob, Shirl and her daughter Flitty and Fred and Jann. It's been great to catch up with those folk over the last week or so. Fancy it's 40 years at the end of this year since we left Moula (a small town down near the Victorian border.) And I want to tell you something.... that Flitty is one hellova cook! She's cooked a few meals for us and we just keep going back there. Notice we never tell others where they live! Why would you?
Friends from Calgary are due out here in Sydney on Wednesday. It'll be great to see Janie and Ade once again. We did uni together, Ade and I. What a crack up he is!
Then Friday we have to leave Sydney and head back to Dubbo for a few weeks. Gotta get ready for Adelaide, Perth etc. Been great staying with Deb, Bren and Logan Jack.
Oh, sorry about all that cricket stuff, but I am addicted.

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At 10:25 AM, Blogger Students from WWTC said...

Coult had a read but couldn't put comments in because it was in Chinese! Isn't that why we sent him over there in the first place? He taught with Army and Fred and knew Shirl. One of the Moula gang is our Coult.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Coult said...

Nice blog. Your site is in my Favorites and I enjoy. Responding? I tried a few times but the prompts are in Chinese and it wants me to memorize your email address. Blah. Gteat pics of old friends, Shirl, Army, Fred and Jan. Dont recal Browns kids except a girl called Peta. Times move on.

Keasty. Take 3.5 mins out of you life to check the video, Love in Bottle as a click on Left side on It has 1200 plays in the few days since it came on. My eldest son, Jinathan has also arrived in California on 6 months contact with pro cycle team. Maybe i should go there too....

Bails is looking fresh. Are you being understanding to her?

Liked the red nosed ump. Wonder if his physics days at school covered vectors.

At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Pottsy said...

Coult, Peta was Al Johnson's daughter.
Checked out Lee Coulter's site. Great.
Had a beaut 2 days with Adrian and Janie from Calgary... with special thanks to Jem (Arthouse) and Marg for sponsoring dinner tonight. Beautiful. Thanks Sweetheart. Good to see your hound... briefly.


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