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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sorry about that, but the photos don't link up with the heading. That's me all over! Fay has been complaining about that sort of behaviour now for 39 years. Meanwhile Fay and I are relaxing down the south coast of NSW at our lovely Retreat!
Logan Jack (grandson) is now over 4 months old. His great uncle Bill and great aunt Margaret (my brother and sister) gave LJ a bunny plate each. Do you remember them? I had one when I was a kid. Do you remember the picture at the bottom of your plate?
I do like the black and white of LJ on Fay's arm. That's how you get him to sleep!
Other photo is the church next door to where LJ lives. LJ's dad is the associate minister at the church there. That brings me to the question that Rodney is asking...
Just wanted to let you know about a post I've just published asking "Why do men hate church?" (
I spoke to my regular Wednesday morning guest, Ross Clifford, on my radio programme this morning about the subject and we referred to a great article by Sydney Anglicans about the lack of men in church. I'd appreciate your input in the comments of the post and I'd be extremely grateful if you chose to link to the post.
Thanks Rodney
Have a look at Rodney's blog.
No worries Rodney. Hope to be seeing you over the Easter break when we get to Perth over the other side of Australia.

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At 8:30 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Great baby pics! I never had a bunny plate. :(

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Fábio M. Machado said...

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger Fábio M. Machado said...

Tricky question about the modern relations between man and church. Thou, that subject came up during that short period I visited Debra and Brendan.
I think the relation of man and spirituality is one of the key question of our modern times... and unfortunately man has not been able to find those answers in church, at least around us, Brazilians catholics.
I was very pleased to hear about Brendan ministry, and I mentioned to him that I was born a catholic (as 99% of us) but decided to stop following that religion years ago.
The reason: old fashioned church do not answer our questions about our life as it does not give us a proper chance to figure it out by ourselves.
The thing about us, 21st century people, is that our world has now plenty of information, which leads, too, on us to be much more free to search around the kind of spirituality that best suits each one of us, as well as liberty to judge which lessons our church send us are suitable to our life or not.
Church ends up being the one thing in life that did not catch up on our new standards on living...
Thou, I, as well as other people who figured church no longer fulfill their spiritual needs, still believes in God and Jesus, but finds out that is even better to look up on their personal ways to evolve spiritually.
It is not a bad thing... the path that leads us to spiritual evolution is not only Sunday church, our communion or this kind of things... but our actions, our good actions towards having a better society and a better world. If our own path to our spirituality, away from church, leads that way, I do think we are walking towards God.
I don´t think church or any spiritual matters bore anyone... we need that, it´s our own nature to discuss who we are, where we came from and where we´re up to... but moderns times, this new world of individual liberty and information gave man the hunger to have a word too... have a chance to figure out their own spirituality. Most of all... most of us are much more concerned about our spirituality than before, our dying world demands us that, in order to save our own nature. Those are the questions church (at least our church) has not been able so far to even start figuring an answer.
This is a fantastic subject you brought up, Grahame, and surely not even an entire year, non stop, chat would be enough to finish it!! So, I´d like to hear your opinion on this comment. Those are things that we must talk about in our times.
Fabio M. Machado
São Paulo - BRAZIL

3:48 PM

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Marcia Thayer said...

Grahame, after looking at the bunnykin plates Jenny and I had to get her set out and look at it. Good fun:)


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