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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well... who'd a thought it?

Our PJ (Peta) has announced that she and Jon Eke are getting married, probably February next year! They've been a strong item since late 2005. Indeed as we travelled through South America with our kids, Pete was continually sussing out email haunts so she could sit and "chat" with her man. I guessed then that things were pretty serious. The time in Sth Am which synchronised with Jon's time back in Oz was something like midnight! So at midnight (or whenever), Pete would wander off to a computer she'd found and have a "chat" with Jon.

Of course there is a problem - who buys the Chinese feed? Is it Pete because she's announced her engagement or GK because his daughter is engaged?

In the Keast family traditon, you have to shout Chinese for any of the following reasons:
  • got a new job

  • got a raise

  • bought a car

  • going overseas

  • lost a job

  • bought a house

  • changed jobs

  • retired

  • bought a house

  • got married or engaged

  • moved towns

  • bought something significant
  • etc

    Indeed, I think the only time you don't get to shout Chinese is if you die, and I think the constitution committee (Margaret) is hoping to close that loophole! The tradition started with my Dad, Jack. So, I've included a photo of Dad taken in 1992, some months before he died at the age of 79. Brother Alan and sister Margaret and I are in the photo, but not brother Bill as he was in Canada at the time.
How do I feel? Chuffed! Quite chuffed! PJ has my personality... I feel very close to her. She is one special dude! Good onya Pete!

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At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Keeper of the Rules said...

don't seem to see anything in the Keast rules of who buys chinese about the father of the bride ...

that wouldn't be because you get to pay for the shindig would it?


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