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Friday, September 07, 2007


Fay and I have been blessed with a visit from Daniel (above) and his Dad Dave for a week. They come from the Big Smoke. Daniel from Sylvania High has been working at the Western Plains Zoo here in Dubbo as part of his work experience program. (Didn't have that in my day!!)

The cheetah above had undergone a checkup and was soon to be released back into its enclosure. Daniel has had the chance to be up close and personal with a whole bunch of animals. He has really enjoyed his time at the zoo. Good onya Daniel. We've enjoyed having them both here and appreciated a beautiful Thai chicken stir fry last night. Man this guy can cook! Maybe they can stay another week Dot????

Better go bake some more choc cinnamon bars/slice for our visitors that are due next week. Seeya.

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