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Thursday, September 22, 2011


On Wednesday, Team Tandem were in trouble! Like, back wheel trouble. They needed a wheel built. Hubs, spokes, rim, discs.... all that sort of stuff. And we didn't give them a great deal of notice at the bike shop.
Bourkes Bike Shop to the rescue! Not only did they do the job, but they were generous when the bill was made up. Thanks ever so much fellas. Maybe I shoulda bought this lovely Specialized MTB!  $1499.

 Guess what you can buy me for Christmas?

 Here's Peter at work on the wheel. Well Peter, it is still holding up mate!

 At Nabiac we stayed at Bunda Creek Lodge. What a great great place. Out in the scrub and roomy enough for about a dozen of us.

 Great setting. I'll be back. Thanks Brian and Heidi.

 Last minute teeth clean before heading off on the road to Newcastle. Robin is the designated cook or food roadie.

 Here are the riders having arrived at the Brewery in Newcastle. About 150+ km by the end of the day.

And the full team - riders, roadies and the cook! They all look pretty happy to have made it this far. Mind you the Newie traffic we could do without.
Great to catch up with the Ekes tonight over a Thai meal. Tomorrow - to Terrigal. Maybe less than 100 km!


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