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Friday, September 23, 2011


Tim Owen is the state Liberal member up this way. He made a point of catching up with us and reckoned he might be able to do something for Retina Australia. (At least I think that's what was happening.) Don't get him mixed up with Tom Phillips (just above.) Tim has a tie on in the top pic. Tom came on board to pilot Big Dog (John). Anybody who takes on that task gets a big thanks from us all and Troy slips him five or ten bucks (on account of it means he doesn't have to do it! 

 But wait! There's more! Stuart joins the gang! He's a Formston. We even found a team shirt for him so he didn't have to stand out in the yellow jersey he was wearing. In pic - Stuart Formston, Matt Formston and Lorraine Formston. I'm gonna check and see if they're any relation!
 What a brilliant reception we got when we arrived at Green Point Christian School! Stacks of kids and staff.... and they gave the riders a guard of honour. Doesn't get much better than that. They'd been talking about the riders coming through and had raised a wad of money (I'm not sure how much... I'll find out for you.)

 Pretty well behaved kids! And I've seen a kid or two in my travels.

 Here Matt has a chat with Hayden who is vison impaired. Hayden was the centre of attention.

 Finally made it to Crown Plaza in Terrigal. Wow! Elton (who is Lindy's pilot) wonders which bed to choose. Thanks heaps Crown Plaza for your generosity in hosting the team and providing brekky for us as well.
You oughta come and hang out here. Think you'd enjoy it.
Elton, a reliable source, has pedalled 932.78 km so far on this trip (of course with a bit of help from Lindy Hou!) He wants to do 67.22 km tomorrow as we head to Manly. Any bets?


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