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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The B team led by Jeff Neill look pretty impressive as they fly by.

 There are 4 teams.... A team, B team, C team and .... yep... thought you'd guess it.
Here the 4 support vehicles rest while we have lunch at Grong Grong. We travelled from Wagga Wagga to Narrandera today - about 115 km. Good riding conditions.
 Dave counsels 2 of the speedy riders from my A team.

 Andrew leads the D team with Paul C in the right of the picture.

 Dave and Karen I reflect on the ride.

Three of the "quicks" from the A team - Hannah, Georgie and Lani.
Tomorrow we do about 100 to get from Narrandera to Leeton..... don't ask me how as I haven't looked at the maps yet.


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