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Thursday, September 29, 2011


 It was a tough day at the office, even for experienced Roger Kauffman on his recumbent.

 Narrandera to Temora... wet, windy, and a tad uncomfortable. "Why do I have to ride in wet knicks?"

 Yeah... it was a bit much even for Lani, who had to rest up in the Pajero, look after the soft toys and provide weather reports for the other riders. She's looking for an opening in television.

 Georgie the Wancer (cross between walking and dancing), was also a bit worn out. As I said, "rough day at the office!"

 This was the lunch stop today. It pelted down raining a few times during the day, including at lunch time.

McCubben, Neill and Steve Clarke were happy enough despite the inclement weather. Lucky much of that wind was right in our favour. Tomorrow: Temora to Young.... an easy ride.
Oh, some people might be interested... the D group averaged 32.3 kph for the 133 km! (Must've been a strong tailwind!)


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous SteveC said...

Keep up the good work you guys! We'll pray for less rain and more tailwinds. SteveC


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