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Friday, September 30, 2011


 Lani, ace photographer, top weather presenter, capable navigator... and she can even ride a bike! Here she leads the team forward in difficult conditions. She is keen not to be eliminated.

 So too is Alec. He has tried extremely hard not to be in the lower half when the decision is made to eliminate a rider.
Is Andrew safe? Maybe. Of course too long in the showers, or too many flats, or even eating too many lollies could easily deem you eligible for the cut.

 Hannah was fearful she would be cut.... but she's safe ..... for now.

 Justin got some of his books wet. That could've been the end of him.... but he's still here. Well done Justin.

 James thought he had plenty to smile about..... BUT.... he is now departing. Good effort mate. Better luck next time.

Gordon and Diana were glad they made it through, despite Diana losing her "legs" 2 days ago. 
 She may well be smiling here, but not so when she learnt that she had been "chopped". Eliminated. Oh well... there'll always be another chance Sarah. You were a tad unlucky I thought.

 Here's the team waiting nervously for the announcement! Georgie was not available for comment. She is still in the team..... JUST.

The D team. (Mark, Andrew, Stuart and Ian). They are a bit short. In fact they're a bit short in a lot of areas. You couldn't eliminate any of them or there'd be none left. Legend Mark Sutton (with lovely Rosie) joined us today. Actually he will have to do well to avoid being eliminated seeing he missed the first six days. I don't hold out much hope for him really.
The management would like to acknowledge the excellent photographic efforts from DC (skipper) and  of course Lani. Without their efforts... who knows.... Thanks.


At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As team members eliminated today, we (Sarah and I) wish you all the best in the hills over the coming days. James


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