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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 After I finished (graduated from) Wagga Teachers College, I taught in Sydney at Heckenberg in the Green Valley area (near Liverpool.) Then in 1966, I was sent to Niemur via Moulamein. It was a small school with five families and 10 kids. I taught there in 1966 and 1967. In the first year I lived with 3 separate farming families (it was a three term year in those days). Then in 1967, I asked one of the families if I could rent the shearers' quarters. And so I stayed at "Glyndon" for my second year there.
Here I am with Carolyn and Susan - they were 2 of my "senior girls". What a delight to catch up with them again.

Gary, Carolyn, Grahame, Fay, Susan.
Gary (on left) is Carolyn's husband. He's also from the Moulamein area.
As an ex teacher and school principal, I reckon one of the neatest things is to meet up with ex students after you've retired. Hoping to catch up with Carolyn's parents next month and one of Susan's sisters. Yes.... they did have a few stories to tell!!!


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