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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Canadian Visitor Arrives

It's great to have family arrive. Brother Bill has arrived from Vancouver Island in Canada. He's been living there since the late sixties, so it's always a treat when he comes to visit Dubbo.
Unfortunately I haven't been too successful in getting him on a bike this trip, but then I've only seen him for a matter of hours. There is certainly a range of bikes in town if he wanted a ride.
Daughter Debbie rode yesterday - first real ride this trip as she's been crook (sick). Even though it's wet and windy this morning, I think Deb will ride with me today. We have just 105 km today to Wongarbon and back through Ballimore. So it won't be a long day in the saddle... we hope. Guess Bill and my wife Fay (pictured) can have a sleep in this morning.


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