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Friday, November 25, 2005


Well, when you go away for a lengthy period of time there are a few tricky things:
who’s gonna feed the dog?
what are you gonna do with your car?
how ‘bout your caravan?
what’s gonna happen to the mail?
who’s gonna mow the grass?
well I guess firstly, who’s gonna water the yard to get grass to grow?
who’s gonna pay your recurrent bills?
what are you gonna do with your computer(s)?
what on earth are you gonna do with ALL THE BIKES?

We’ve put in a watering system before we went on the trip this year. We also found a mower man and he was able to mow when it was needed. Our car is going to my brother’s place 300 km north at Narrabri. Avan is in the garage and de-registered.
Bikes are being spread around the country fairly successfully. Even a bike pump. We're going to be away for about 10 months.
Out of all this… the most serious problems seem to be Peta’s car and Peta’s dog, Dinah.
Peta will be back in maybe May to collect her car and finally her dog when she has a place to go to. She is gonna be leaving Dubbo when she returns to Australia from her 3 or 4 month trip. Who knows where she'll end up.
So… if you have any ideas…. Let us know. And no, we’re not gonna send Dinah over to Ohio or some place!


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zstill have not sorted out the identity issue yet so I will stay anonymous. Car, girl and dog all look good. Did a 25km on the red Trek bike yesterday and mowed about 2 or three acres today ona John deere ride one. Have agreat day

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh rats. I was gonna suggest a layover here! Now that is one mean looking dog.


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