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Sunday, November 20, 2005

S is for SPORT

Yes I love SPORT! Particularly cricket, tennis and cycling. But I also do a bit of walking or even bushwalking.
I enjoyed seeing the soccer (football) game between Aust and Uruguay during the week. Very close, with Aust finally winning the match via the "shoot out" at the finish. That means they've qualified for the World Cup in Germany next year.
I play tennis a couple of times a week, on Monday and Friday mornings starting at 6:30 am. I join a bunch of guys who are all over sixty years of age, and we play till we're worn out. This week I also filled in for Baldy and played comp on Wednesday night. The level of play was decidedly higher than our regular Mon and Fri. The extra pace and concentration was a bit taxing for an old tennis player.
Then the cycling: I get out about 3 times a week minimum. Mostly I ride about 50 km (2 hours), but occasionally do a longer ride.
Sometimes I ride the TREK mountainbike, but mostly the trusty Mongoose Road bike. Now and again (like this morning) we get the Burley tandem out and take it for a spin. It's a lot of fun.
Yes, I love sport and believe that the lessons I've learnt through sport have helped me with issues and incidents in life. It also keeps me fit and prevents me from putting on too much weight. I love sport. Excuse me while I sit in the armchair and watch West Indies play Aust in the 2nd cricket test.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

You are VERY active for a man over sixty! Hope I can be that agile when I get to your age.


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