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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

O is for OTHERS

If you want JOY, you've gotta put Jesus first, Others second and yourself last. J - O - Y.
There's a song which goes something like this: (I haven't got it quite right)
Let me be a little blinder
Let me be a little kinder
To the thoughts of those around me
Let me try a little more
Let me be when I am weary
Just a little bit more cheery
Think a little more of others
And a little less of me.

Yes, I firmly believe that if you want joy and peace, try putting others in front of yourself. Look at all the people who do volunteer work and get such a thrill from it all.
Make sure today (or tomorrow), you get to put others ahead of yourself. Treat them like they're special. Find someone to do something for. Give it a go.... it worked for me today!
Others are really important people.


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Rita said...

You're absolutely right, and it seems like after putting it into practice it's such an easy and gratifying thing to do. That's the peace and joy that can come only from God...
Yourself... I love that! :)

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Very good!!


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