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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Slipped down to Batemans Bay for a chance to visit a bunch of folk.
Caught up with Erica yesterday at her second hand book shop at Batehaven. Bought a bunch of books to see me through the next couple of months. Erica is about to head off on her 9th trip to China. Wow! She just loves the people and usually takes a bunch of people with her each time.
We then stayed with Army and Robyn in their beautiful place out of town. Bit more spacious than our caravan back at Cudmirrah. Army and Rob are off to Europe and North America for 4 months. They’re really looking forward to their trip. They’re using Intrepid Travel for their central European loop which looks quite interesting.
This morning we expect to catch up with Bruce and Heather unless they’ve been called away on grandparent duties. Their son Nigel and daughter-in-law Anne are having bub #2 any day now, and Bruce and Heather will drop everything and head there to hold the fort for a bit.
Servas friends from Nova Scotia arrive here at Army and Rob’s later today. We’d previously met them in Tasmania and also in Victoria. They stayed with us recently at Dubbo and we are due to stay with them when we get to Halifax, NS in early August. It’s a great organization which we’ve been in for about 30 years.
Well, we’d better keep moving because we need to be back at our caravan because Smarties (ex WWTC) should arrive there later today. What a busy (very laidback) schedule. Batemans Bay is about 100 km south of Cudmirrah/Sussex Inlet. Thanks for the loan of your puter Army!


At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Erica Mcreath said...

Hi from my little book shop. Was a lovely surprise to have you and Fay drop in yesterday. I often think Fay's love of the sea comes from the great times we had when she would join us at Malua Bay for Chirstmas when we were about 15 years old. Not the same anymore but still the sea and the beaches are just as beautiful. Nothing more precious than old friends.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger mogsta said...

Hi Graham,

Thanks for leaving a post on my own blog. I didn't realise you were from Dubbo too, and now I'm looking at your picture wondering if I have ever seen you.

Great to see that Jesus is an integral part of your life. People like you and I must REALLY be enjoying this Christmas season.

God bless, I hope it's a wonderful Christmas for you.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Keasty said...

Great to hear from you and check out your website Erica. Fabulous!
And good to hear from Brett (mogsta). Will catch up with you in Dubs one of these days.

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