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Saturday, November 26, 2005


"Hey Dad, could you see if you can buy an extension phone cable... at least 25 metres? 50 would be even better." That was just one request this morning from our daughter Deb who's working at a mine at Parkes (about an hour and a quater from Dubbo where we live.) She actually lives and works in Sydney.
The other request that she threw us this morning was, "Hey, is there someone who would like to travel with me down to Sydney and back.... maybe leaving tonight at 9 pm or in the early morning?"
Guess that's what Dads (and Mums) are for eh?
So, down to the electrical shop in Dubbo, and then head to Parkes tonight after tea to do the journey to Sydney and back. Parkes to Sydney is probably a four and a half (4.5) hr trip.
Meanwhile this afternoon I am heading to help some local young kids with their bikes - you know, bike maintenance, fixing tyres and adjusting chains and seats. Teaching them how to fix a puncture. Most of the kids are Aboriginal and many will be from dysfunctional families. It will be a challenge.
So isn't it great that I've been able to get extra sleep over the last couple of days? Even this morning I didn't go for my usual 50 km bike ride because it was wet.
Seeya, I'd better go visit the local electrical shop and see if they've got 50 metres of phone cable.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

God bless you for your willingness to help out the kids. That's a great ministry!


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