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Sunday, November 27, 2005

W is for WWTC

…and WWTC stands for Wagga Wagga Teachers College. This is where Fay and I trained to become teachers in the early 60’s. Wagga (just called Wagga by us Aussies) is an inland city in NSW with a population now of about 50,000 people. Good place and close to Junee (home of the Keasts! – my grandparents.)
Interestingly enough, Fay and I never spoke to each other during the 2 year period we were at college together. We each had plenty of acquaintances without having to seek out each other. Fay certainly didn’t have a very good impression of that Keast bloke! It wasn’t until 1966-67 when we were both teaching out in the bush (20 miles apart) that we struck up a friendship which is still going today. Fay was transferred to Moulamein in 1966 and I was transferred to Niemur via Moulamein (not knowing Fay Bailey was going to be just 20 miles away.) Moulamein is in the Riverina, 100 km (60 miles) west of Deniliquin.
The folk who went through WWTC in those early 60’s have a real bond. For example, on our recent trip to Northern Territory and Western Australia we caught up with Janice and Bernie Fitzpatrick (ex WWTC) at the Douglas Hot Springs (a great place to meet with friends in the warmth of that water… with no crocs too close!) We also caught up in Perth with Cynthia (Richardson) Springvloed, Barb (Campbell) Otterman, Sue (Upton) King and Marion (Smith) Giddy. All are ex WWTC students. Then when we called in at Adelaide, we saw quite a bit of Di (Edwards) Groenewegen. Di was a good friend of Fay’s, a girlfriend of mine, and ultimately our chief bridesmaid in December 1967! (In that order.)
We are so fortunate to have spent time together at WWTC (sounds like it was a gaol…. Pix would say…. Well it was close!)
Fay and I are about to head to the coast, south of Nowra, where we’ll holiday with several ex WWTC couples, namely Smarts, Roberts and Robertsons. We go there EVERY year.
Those WWTC days were very special – just over 40 years ago. Photo shows Jim Smart and myself (Jim’s a bit shorter than me) holding “plates” to celebrate 40 years since we graduated in 1964. Yes… I also collect licence plates… and occasionally make my own!


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous sue said...

Hello you wandering pair! Great to catch up with you in Perth. Marion and I had a lovely week with Cyn and her husband Kommer, and Marion's daughter Ingrid and boyfriend Darren. The photo of you, Keasty, eating the fish at Freo while we 'watched' is fabulous. Looks like Marion and I were drooling and dribbling in time!
It seems that every time we all get together something hilarious takes place too. Can't wait until we all get to Bathurst next April. Will have to start planning something really outrageous to set the standard again!
Stay healthy and happy
ps. My wwtc64 number plate is permanently in the rear window of the Jag. Just in case someone from those days sees me on my travels. No one else seems to understand the meaning of it.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Making your own license plates will get you time at San Quentin here, Keasty!

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

I'll bring you one when I come to Ohio Jennifer!


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