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Saturday, October 01, 2011


Sadly, Mark has been voted off. It had to happen. Couldn't stand the pace! Good try mate.

 There's certainly a few dollars tied up in the bikes. I've been trying not to covet.

 I did find one that might suit me. Here Dave is checking the brakes before I take it for a test run. It went well, but was a bit too heavy. Still looking.
 From Young we travelled through Harden-Murrumburrah, Binalong and Bowning before arriving at Yass. The riders reckoned it was probably the toughest day of the week. Went through some lovely country. 99 km today.

Team D were quick again... as expected. Sadly they often miss out on seeing the kangaroos, emus etc that abound around us.
Tomorrow we head from Yass to Goulburn - our last day. It's been a bit tough on a few riders, with John, Georgie, Lani, Alec, Daniel and Levi all having a turn in a vehicle at some stage today. Certainly looking forward to getting back home after being a roadie for RIDE4RETINA and then BIKE FOR BIBLES.


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