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Saturday, October 08, 2011


 Connor, at 16 months, just needs to wear his helmet even when just wandering round the house. He's pretty safety conscious! Guess he's always ready if there's a bike ride on.

 Meals are always interesting. Here's nos 1 and 2 of the three little pigs. Add in 2 Mayne kids and presto - five preschoolers!

 Seems the boys love roasting marshmallows. Sorry about the sugar content Deb.

 Bike lesson from an experienced road cyclist - Logan and his Mum, Deb. Can you see Hannah and Lachlan in the background? With their Mum, Annette.

 Connor seems to have his sights set on this model. He's keen this fella.

Looks like the lesson is working. Confidence is growing.
We enjoyed having the 5 kids and their mums for several days. Weather allowed us to do plenty of outdoor stuff including beach, movies and Swan Lake. Now it's a few valium and some restful evenings.


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