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Monday, October 24, 2011


 Never leave your good hat when you're off wandering the countryside as a road support for a bike ride. UNLESS, you leave it at the NARRANDERA BAKERY, 108 East St, Narrandera. Ph 02 6959 3677. Thanks Nic and Margy for returning my cherished hat. If tyou're in the vicinity, drop in and have a cuppa. Great place. Nice folk. You might even catch Jules there - old teaching buddy from Dubbo who now lives in N.

Would you believe I found two (2) of these critters hangin' around. A bush tick. Can cause a person quite a bit of discomfort and can kill a dog. This guy was pretty healthy until I cremated him.

 On Saturday Fay and I attended a training day in Nowra put on by Anglicare. Top day. Well done and we may be useful in the event of a disaster eg bushfire, rail crash etc.

The bride (with a bit of help from her husband), has done a heap of gardening, weeding etc. Tremendous. We can now see the front door!
This week is very special. It's 5 years ago today that we lost Bob Pritchard (Perth). What a loss. So our thoughts have been with Wendy and the family.
This week's also the week that we lost Jim Smart - a mate of nearly 50 years. We say farewell tomorrow at a memorial service in Nowra. See  


At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, Jenny & Molly, & Em, Chris & kids joined me for a bbq (with Bob) at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park last night. I have never seen so many kangaroos together but we managed to find a spot amongst them. They were eating all the flowers off the graves. The TICKS were plentiful too. When putting on my runners just now, I found a huge one crawling across the tongue of one. Thankfully the ones here don't kill dogs. Wendy

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous John Coulter said...

Nice gardens there. Very Aussie. What joy to have grandkids. I have two I have never seen. John Coulter


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