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Friday, October 21, 2011


Why is it that blokes so often have communication problems? Especially with their partners? Even fellas who’ve been married for quite a while and have “good” marriages.
How come men just don’t see some things coming… or going?
What percentage of blokes are romantics? So, what happened to the rest?
How can a bloke “lift his game” and win over his chick like he did back in the olden days? Is there a formula?
What are the consequences if he doesn’t improve the situation? Did you see Constable Bradley in Heartbeat recently? Mrs Bradley has “met someone”. Else! Zing! There goes the marriage! He was too busy to notice. The same night I watched a Ruth Rendell movie on the box. The bloke there – Colin Firth – couldn’t communicate with his young bride. She was only 25.
How many marriages can be saved? How many are saved? How many will just dawdle along without ever reaching the heights they once soared to?
How many people settle for … average? 
If you have a problem, mate, who can you share it with? Where to from here? 


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