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Friday, October 25, 2013


 Great to visit the old school today - Hurlstone Agricultural High School. As you can see, Bill and Alan went there as well, and also Alan's boy Nathan and my Jeremy.

 The band gave a great rendition of the Great Escape - thinking about how boarders always long to "get away" from the school.

 The captains and prefects gave a hearty rendition of the war cry. Pretty damn good with a few girls thrown in there as well.

 They enjoyed hearing a few stories we trotted out of "what it was like in the good old days".

 Phil Crocker reckoned he ran round this oval quite a few times... in athletics.

 I played cricket on this oval.... occasionally even scored a few runs.

 Yes, this is the science block where Bob Parrott was caned and Alan Keast was caned.... just to name a couple.

 Phil remembered our science teacher - Mr Mac - saying on one occasion "Come out here Crocker. And bring your feathered friend with you!" (Wouldn't be allowed today.)

Phil and I found a trophy with both our names on it - 1961. Unreal. It was the tennis trophy.


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