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Monday, December 24, 2007


Here we are down the south coast at beautiful Cudmirrah. Good picture eh? That was at sun up I guess. We're also spending time with Logan Jack/Billy Jack (he gets called all sorts of names poor bugger!) He's now 14 months old.
Brother Bill is here with us having come out from Canada to enjoy our warmth.
Hope you have had/are having a beaut festive time. Trust it's a healthy, safe one at that.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


December is a month like no other. For starters it is the start of summer (although November stakes a bit of a claim here usually.) It includes the festive season, or as I like to call it the anniversary of Jesus’ birthday. It includes the start of the summer holidays, usually late Dec. It includes Fay and I heading to the beach to enjoy some sand, surf, sun and relaxation. When you are holidaying in a caravan or cabin about as big as two rooms of a house, there’s not a lot of housework to do. We read a lot, catch up with friends, watch the cricket and tennis on TV, swim, paddle, beachwalk, bushwalk, bush bash on mountain bikes etc. What a great time we have during the summer.
Our retreat is 600 km (360 miles) from our home in Dubbo. Lucky we’ve got mates Dicko and Sue and neighbours Richard and Shirley to look after our house back in Dubbo while we’re away for 6 weeks. Just remembered we left Dicko a blank cheque! Oh well!
Enroute to the beautiful South Coast, we’re spending a few days in Sydney enjoying our grandson Logan Jack who can now WALK! What a difference that makes! Especially when he walks straight into the TV (yesterday’s trick) with obvious consequences. Thanks for having us sleepover for several nights Bren and Deb. Photo above is Logan Jack and Tiger. Can you pick which one is the real Tiger?
We haven’t caught up with son Jeremy as yet, but hopefully he’ll come down to visit us at the Retreat later this month.
Plans are underway for a quick visit to Newcastle (2 hour journey) to see #2 daughter Peta and her man Jon. There is planning to be done in preparation for their wedding in February. Brother Bill from Canada is out here now (avoiding the Canadian winter) and he will come with us to visit one of his many favourite nieces.
Fay and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Billy Elliott the Musical on Friday at the Capitol Theatre. Music by Elton John. What a fabulous show! Man, what a great show. Don’t miss it if you get the chance. That's a promo picture above.
Then by Friday we’ll head for the south coast – a 2.5 hour drive. Third photo above was taken at our retreat. Just gorgeous! Want to come join us one year?
If you’d like a 1 page summary of our activities in 2007, drop me an email to – no charge.

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