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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tandem Tour de Dubbo

Just finished a great ride with 4 other tandem teams. Did we have a heap of fun? Did we ever!
Rode 72, 79 and 51 km on the three days. Averaged around 20. It was start out easy and then back off as Jim B would say.
Stayed in a couple of beaut pubs at Yeoval (Royal) and Geurie (Mitchell Inn). Well priced.
There were 3 Bike Fridays, a Burley and 1 Trek. They came from Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Armidale.
Looks like it'll be on the agenda next year for sure. Any early bird bookings?

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well, where do I start?
I cycled with Brad from Perth to Adelaide in 2003 on a Bike for Bibles Ride. The rest of the team went on to Hobart. There was a team of about 40 of us. He was a very likeable young bloke - and that's what Kathy thought too! So, he married the love of his life, young Kathy.
Soon after marriage, in 2004, he was diagnosed with cancer. He was about 25 years old.
They opened him up and removed a tumour and then followed that up with chemo. All looked good. Then they later discovered there was still a bit and suggested they open him up (chest) again. Brad decided against that. He began eating 25 apricot kernels a day as a way of treating the cancer.
The top photo shows Brad (and Kathy) on 2 September 2005 following chemo treatment. He's a bit bloated isn't he?
Middle photo shows the apricot seed and then on the right shows what's inside.... the kernels, after the seed's been split. They're like almonds only not quite as nice.
Brad is now eating about 20 a day! He grinds them up in a blender and I think adds juice to help the taste. Others just chew them up and have a juice to chase it down. Kathy is taking 5 a day to ward off any possible cancer.
Today Brad looks a million dollars! He's working, cycling, and praising God.
What's his secret? Apricot kernels, prayer and now a product he's quite keen on called Mannatech. It looks very interesting let me tell you. His doc says he's in remission. Brad says he's over it!
Anyone out there also tried the apricot kernels? Or Mannatech products?
Fay and I caught up with Brad and Kathy twice while we were in South Australia - once at David Andretzke's funeral in Adelaide (a fellow biker from the Perth to Hobart trip) and then a couple of weeks later in Berri, SA where they live. Got any other questions about young Brad? Or his treatment?

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Sunday, May 06, 2007


It happened in Woolworths today. I heard this call over the loudspeaker.... if you want a free knife go to the table near the bakery. I zoomed there (with my trolley). First person there. They repeated the verbal offer a couple of times. Others gathered. Fay came over and took the trolley as she could see that I wasn't gonna be helping her with the groceries till my mission had been accomplished.

A lady came out.... beauty! We're gonna get our knives now! Well she explained that everybody could have a free knife and then showed us the small paring knife - brand Forever Sharp. Good name if you're trying to sell knives... but she's giving them away.

Then she started on this spiel about how she's gonna do this brief demo and then we can have the knives. She cuts a tomato. She shows how a blunt knife is hopeless and can't cut the tomato. Then she shows again how her knife is such a great knife. She's using a much larger knife than the small pen-sized paring knife she is gonna give me. Hope there's enough knives for everyone. Then she has to show us all how her knife (large) actually cuts steel and hacks into a steel hammer. Then she attacks the breadboard. Even though I am closest to her, I am able to take evasive action should she look for a human volunteer.

Then she tells us that the knife (large) that she's using, she can sell to us for $30. (Where's the free knife she promised?) Not only that, but she can do us another one for $3! We are truly amazed. But wait, there's more! (Heard that one before?) She then says she'll throw another one in free. THREE KNIVES.... ALL LARGE. Then she says she'll give us the small one free too. And we can have another small one. And then to cap it all off she adds a middle sized knife... all for the same price... and 2 plastic things (takes too long to explain what they are and what they are used for, so just trust me on this one, OK? They are handy.)

3 large knives, 1 middle sized knife and 2 small knives (and the 2 plastic things).... sounds like a three bears story - there was a big knife, a middle sized knife and a tiny little knife.... $33.

Yes, I'll have a set thanks! What'll I tell Fay? She will probably shop alone next time.

I don't see anyone asking about Brad. Maybe they've forgotten!


Saturday, May 05, 2007


Every night Fay goes to bed she has to read. Otherwise she doesn't sleep. Sometimes she doesn't sleep regardless. But she must have a read.
I enjoy reading but there are other things I enjoy doing in bed, such as sleeping. So, it's pretty hard for me to read when I could be doing something else, such as sleeping.
However, I have finished Neil Hawke's book and I'm ... getting through (and enjoying) John Anderson's story. Thanks Deb.
I've read all Grisham's books but haven't finished Innocent Man. Then of course there are cycling and cricket mags to read too. They tend to have more photos and less text.
Read any good books that you'd recommend? Click on comments below and let me know. Ta.

Yes, I know, I promised info on Brad the battler.... well... next post, OK? [Sorry about that.]

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