Gra Nomad Wanderings

Friday, October 25, 2013


 Great to visit the old school today - Hurlstone Agricultural High School. As you can see, Bill and Alan went there as well, and also Alan's boy Nathan and my Jeremy.

 The band gave a great rendition of the Great Escape - thinking about how boarders always long to "get away" from the school.

 The captains and prefects gave a hearty rendition of the war cry. Pretty damn good with a few girls thrown in there as well.

 They enjoyed hearing a few stories we trotted out of "what it was like in the good old days".

 Phil Crocker reckoned he ran round this oval quite a few times... in athletics.

 I played cricket on this oval.... occasionally even scored a few runs.

 Yes, this is the science block where Bob Parrott was caned and Alan Keast was caned.... just to name a couple.

 Phil remembered our science teacher - Mr Mac - saying on one occasion "Come out here Crocker. And bring your feathered friend with you!" (Wouldn't be allowed today.)

Phil and I found a trophy with both our names on it - 1961. Unreal. It was the tennis trophy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 After I finished (graduated from) Wagga Teachers College, I taught in Sydney at Heckenberg in the Green Valley area (near Liverpool.) Then in 1966, I was sent to Niemur via Moulamein. It was a small school with five families and 10 kids. I taught there in 1966 and 1967. In the first year I lived with 3 separate farming families (it was a three term year in those days). Then in 1967, I asked one of the families if I could rent the shearers' quarters. And so I stayed at "Glyndon" for my second year there.
Here I am with Carolyn and Susan - they were 2 of my "senior girls". What a delight to catch up with them again.

Gary, Carolyn, Grahame, Fay, Susan.
Gary (on left) is Carolyn's husband. He's also from the Moulamein area.
As an ex teacher and school principal, I reckon one of the neatest things is to meet up with ex students after you've retired. Hoping to catch up with Carolyn's parents next month and one of Susan's sisters. Yes.... they did have a few stories to tell!!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


 Always good to see Owen getting into an ice cream. 

Will Connor become a professional golfer??? 

 Heart throb Nina, the screamer ballerina..... 
could just become a mermaid I figure. 

 She sure loves the water.

 Checking out the rays... and touching them. 

 Wear yellow and be seen. 

Today is recovery day.