Gra Nomad Wanderings

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sorry no pix as yet.

Here on Sth Island for 10 days. Already having a great time but don't expect we'll ski although we are staying at Wanaka which is a ski resort town.... bit like Jindabyne in NSW.

The hedges are unreal as we drove out of Christchurch. HUGE trees planted together and then trimmed.... they become a GIANT HEDGE! Unreal. Toyota Starlet with 106,000 km on it is going well. Certainly quite small and I couldn't see either of my brothers in it!

Moeraki Boulders were impressive. Also impressive was when Fay took a photo of me with some of the boulders.... I had my back to the waves as one rolled in.... oops.... sorry about the runners!!!

Bit cold and wet today. Got on internet and within 5 mins Peta had emailed me some Aussie phone numbers. Others I'd looked up on white pages Aust. Yes, Brendan was right.... shoulda brought mobile phone just because it has list of heaps of phone numbers in it!!

Will be off to Queenstown and Haast over the next couple of days we expect. Then we go to Lake Tekapo for a sleep before heading back to Christchurch.

Not as many older English vehicles as they used to have here in NZ. A few models we don't have.

No more news folks. Hope that damn snake is enjoying the quietness of this period.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


His job is to keep vermin at bay. It looks like he's helped himself to a blue-feathered friend.
Here you can see the bird in his stomach is making it a bit tricky getting up into the gutter.

I don't think he can get into his usual cubby holes. Hey, we didn't even know he lived here!

So, what sort of snake is he? Besides long and not very hungry at the moment.

Here he was trying to get under a tile without very much success.

My mouse is decidely nervous about our new resident. He wants to sleep in our bedroom tonight.