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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Logan Jack had not thrown up ALL day when I spoke with Deb just before tea time. He'd EATEN half an apple, bunch of sultanas and 2 feeds of breast milk.

Thank you Lord!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, Owen Cooper McLaughlin came out of hospital after 48 hrs.

Went back into hospital because he was jaundiced.

Out of hospital once he had better colour (and numbers were down).

Owen to hospital (visit only) for blood tests to monitor his jaundice via blood tests.

Owen looking good. (see above photo).

Logan Jack McLaughlin (big brother) into hospital early hrs of Tues for a high temp. Spent several hours there with his dad Brendan.

Logan Jack (LJ) back home but then temp went up again so back to hospital, this time with Deb and I. (see photo on lounge prior to going in).
So, the story continues. He's still in hosp at 10:30 am Wed and is on a drip. He is on penicillin which Fay is pleased about. Fay (Nan) is busy feeding Owen when there's no one else available!! (Sounds a bit rough!) He's been great, and doesn't really worry about all this stuff that's happening.
The St Geo hospital has been pretty good I reckon. (I don't like hospitals. Inherited that from my Dad, Jack.)
Meanwhile I'm getting restless and think I can't do much around here so I'm thinking of heading back to Dubbo by train and leaving Fay here to help the McLaughlin team.
Just so you don't get confused:
Logan (LJ) - 21 months, blonde curly hair (massive curls). In hosp.
Owen - 12 days, black hair... plenty of it. In the lounge room!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, he's been home (Owen Cooper) but because he was jaundiced, he had to go back for blood tests and is now back in hosp (along with his reluctant mother, who would rather be at home with her three men). His grandad (Fa) is glad he has a good preference in cars!!

Photo take on Nan and Fa's bed when he was briefly home. Just one night.

Puts a new slant on Skins Golf Tournament eh? Logan gives Fa a few pointers.

Owen gets hs first bath from his Dad. Quite experienced I might add. Nurse was impressed.

Yeah, well I can take it or leave it, says Muscles.

Even big boys like a cuddle from Nan now and then.

The McLaughlin men! Handsome blokes eh?

Nan with Muscles back at Mortdale. There's some experience there eh?
Still awaiting blood test results which are hopefully good enough to allow Owen Cooper to leave the hospital... for the second time in a week.
Time: 2:30 pm Wednesday 9 July. (Happy birthday WJ!)

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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Amazing what happens on American Independence Day! Yep, 4th July 2008 at 11:02 pm, Owen Cooper McLaughlin arrived.

Weight: 4610 g (10.17 lb)

Length: 55.5 cm (21.867")

Verdict: BIG, DAMN BIG!

We were hanging round home (Deb and Brendan's home.) Labour pains had been happening... infrequently. Waters burst. Fay said "Things will start moving now."

After a phone call to the midwife, Deb and Brendan left for the hospital about 10:10 pm. It was probably about 10:30 pm when they walked (struggled) through the doors of St George hospital. Owen Cooper arrived minutes after 11 pm! How cool is that?

Here's the October 2006 model - Logan Jack, who wins everyone's hearts. He's nearly 21 months old.

Here's the whole family about 12 hours after the event. They're all pretty happy.

There's something special about a grandmother (Nan) when she nurses her grandchild for the first time. Deb senses that too in the background. A special moment. Deb doesn't look too bad for 12 hours after giving birth.

A mother with her two boys. Well, two of her three boys I guess!

Is this a proud Dad I see before me? I wonder what's in store for this little bloke?
Deb is expecting to stay in hospital for 48 hours before being "released".
What a precious little bundle of joy eh? Mind you, he's got a hard act to follow too. We're looking for a photo of Deb just after she was born. We figure you wouldn't know which is which!
Thanks for your prayers, your celebration with us and the many who have sent in messages already. Thanks heaps. How come we were out of the country when #1 was born? Bit less pressure I guess!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Deb is ready for #2 son to arrive! She and Brendan and Fay painted the bathroom and part of the kid's bedroom. (That should bring it on! thought Fay.)
Now it's just a waiting game. (Deb doesn't think game is the tright word.)
So, in the meantime, Logan Jack is still on the throne... if you'll pardon the expression. Here he is being potty trained. Not everybody practises in the lounge room, on the throne, wearing your hat and sunnies.... but LJ does! Maybe his Great Uncle Bill did it like that sixty odd years ago!
Fay and I are down in Mortdale (Sydney) helping Deb, Bren and LJ out. I'll post on here when the new bloke arrives.

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