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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just love the colour after rain. There seems to be a certain "glow". We do have a lovely yard.

When I sit in the dining room, I get to check out the garden through the generous windows.

I emptied 62 mm this morning and I think I'll probably empty the same tomorrow. Continual rain.

Even the path is under water.

The drain can't handle all this rain. But it's no real drama (at the moment!) Cooma is in a bad way.

Puddles everywhere. Might be a few days before I'm back on the tennis courts.

Fay is really glad she "cleaned out" this fernery last week. This was a jungle 2 weeks ago!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012


 Once upon a time there was this crazy guy called Coult. He invented things... and then had to label them.
This "thing" he's riding was a forerunner to the present day skateboard. It was known in 1967 as a sklackyboard.

 Here it is up close and personal! Other members of the team provide input for coming events and activities.

We needed a driver, a photgrapher, an OH&S coordinator and of course somebody to ride the "board"! I got the job with the camera!

 Army had a style all of his own. Somehow nobody could mimic his inimitable style. This shows a bit of it.

 Pate, Keasty and Coult at Niemur. Think it was my turn to provide the meal.

I'm sorry... this story takes too long to tell... and you probably wouldn't believe it. 
It was taken (the photo) on the claypans of Moula back in 1967. No people or 
animals were injured during the filming of this episode. It wasn't always that way!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

 Great to catch up with Beth Wykes as we toured the Central Coast. She and her hubby Bev (below) look pretty happy in their new abode. Thanks for showing us around a bit guys.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get a game of tennis in. Maybe next time. Thanks for the hospitality guys. Great to catch up with you.

The bride and I have been getting in some training in preparation for the annual Bike Friday gathering being held in Corowa later in March. Here we are with our Bike Friday Tikits. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012


 Somehow I never warmed to this tree. Huge leaves. What sorta tree was it? A nuisance of a tree.

 Lucky I had the bride to help with the demolition. She did a great job.

 Note the big ladder we used.

 Hard hat, steel toed boots, rigging etc. All part of the job.

 Then we brought in the big guys!!

 That's Neil and his merry men.

 They made short work of this.

 Hey... they've gone!!!

 Can you see the roots heading for the house? Not good.

Guess I'd better fix the garden brick border now.