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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thanks Adam Gilchrist for the entertainment you've given us for many seasons. Fortunately we'll get to see you in the one day games coming up. I'll be there when you guys play Sri Lanka on 8 Feb.
It's gonna be interesting as you approach this next stage of your life.
Yeah, cricket's in my blood - I'm a cricket tragic as they say.
Did you see him play? Yeah... he was a legend. He's up there with the likes of Sobers, Bradman, Warne, Viv Richards, the Chappells and Steve Waugh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WORRIED about this BLOKE

I'm worried about Logan Jack McLaughlin! The kid is only 15 months old and already he's saying "Look at me, no hands Mum!" Well, he didn't actually say that, but just look at him! Who are his role models? I'm a fairly laidback, conservative, conventional grandfather (like my father). He can't have got that from me! Maybe his father. Maybe his mother!

Won't be long before Logan Jack is playing cricket for his country. Or will it be golf?
That's Mike Hussey batting against India in the Sydney test earlier this month. (My photo). Last photo is the photographer who captured Logan on the swing and with the cricket bat. Looks like he just captured something else eh? That's brother Bill from Canada. He's also captured my Peugeot 307!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well, there's sure been a heap of talk and story and interview etc following the recent 2nd cricket test between India and Australia. Many will remember 6 Jan 2008 as the end to a shocker of a test which contained bad umpiring, possible racist comments and maybe even poor sportsmanship. Yeah, guess there was that. But there was also some other stuff. There was tight bowling and creative field placings to restrict some of the Aussies. There were great digs by Symonds, Hayden, Hussey, Ganguly and of course the little Master himself, Sachin Tendulkar. There was also some tail wagging. And, just to please Peta, some declarations! ("OK fellas, in you come!") The photo above is just one I took of Hayden on his way to 123 in the 2nd dig. Thanks for the ticket SJK.
I'm thankful I was raised by two great parents, Jack and Willie. They taught me to play the game fairly. They taught me to accept the umpire's decisions. They taught me that there is maybe more to the game than the actual winning or losing (Rudyard Kipling thought that too!) They taught me that you can enjoy the battle but respect your opponents. Sure I am somewhat saddened to see players stand their ground when they have blatantly knicked the ball to the keeper or even to the slips. I am disappointed when I see some of the blokes carrying on like a couple of pork chops (that's for Margy). But, I still love cricket! Guess I'm a cricket tragic.
* * * * * *
Currently I'm a volunteer at the NSW Tennis Open - the Medibank International, at Olympic Park. I'll tip Henin to win the ladies and Hewitt to win the men's singles. (I won't put money on it though.) My job is to get the drinks to the players, get the towels to the players and get balls onto the courts. If it rains I have to help dry the court. I also have to hold the brolly over the players during their game breaks to give them some shade. Good fun.

Special thanks to Rob Sheeley for the photo of .... is it Vaidisova from Czech Republic? Great shot. Thanks mate! Taken at the Medibank International a couple of days ago.

* * * * * * * *
Off to Sussex Inlet on Saturday to get a couple more swims in. Fay is down there enjoying herself.... swimming, cycling, beach walking, watching late night TV etc. Can't wait to get down there

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Friday, January 04, 2008


Something went wrong (again) and I have to REWRITE this story.... so it'll be quick!
Fay and I have just spent a few days in Sydney.... downtown Sydney! We do it rarely. And this time, I thought we should do it in style seeing weve been married for 40 years!
I booked the cheapest room at the Hilton (classy hotel). Then I asked Jeremy (son) if he could book us into a CHEAP hotel the night before. That's all I asked.
Jeremy booked us into the Pacific International (used to be the Great Southern Hotel. It has quite a history). He also said he'd pick up the tab and he was also shouting us to a dinner at the Art House, where he works as a Duty Manager. What a son!!!
The Pacific Int'l was GREAT. On the plus side, the bathroom floor drain clogged up after I'd showered. As they couldn't fix the problem quickly, they moved us and threw in a complimentary breakfast because we had been inconvenienced! What a treat. The breaky was great too!
The evening meal at the Art House was superb. We ate like kings. (Maybe Jeremy will never offer again!!!) The gnocchi (is that how it's spelt?) was to die for. The chef did a great job on Fay's steak and my grain-fed chicken. What a meal. There were a few dishes thrown in from time to time by Liz who did a super job of looking after us. We reckon we could go back there .... maybe weekly! Thanks Art House. Thanks Jem. (Hope he can afford it!)
When we booked into the Hilton the following day, the check-in bloke (whose name was also Jeremy), said, "Oh, seeing it's your wedding anniversary, how about I give you an upgrade... to a suite!" We were blown away, but not half as much as when we entered room 4325 on the 43rd (top) floor! It was the penthouse, with views to north, west and south! The bathroom (first photo above) was as big as most motel rooms we've been in. Huge spa, 2 vanity basins, shower, toilet, enough room for a full footy team to just mingle there. The 2nd photo is the view North from the spa, through a huge window. (Deb brought Logan in the next day so they could see how flash it was.) The bedroom was big enough with an extra plasma TV which I could turn and view from the shower (sadly, not from the spa.) Then the lounge/dining room was .... spacious to say the least. Australia Tower was just one of the buildings we could view from our penthouse.
Guess we'll never forget our fabulous visit to Sydney to celebrate 40 years of marriage. We were given far more than we ever imagined. That's a bit like how God treats us too. He treats us like Kings! He gives us far more than we ever hope or deserve. He is just the most awesome God! Honest! Absolutely awesome.
Now, Fay has headed back to Cudmirrah (see coastal photo below) and I'm staying here in Sydney for a week as I volunteer for the NSW Tennis Open at Olympic Park (where Sydney 2000 Olympic Games were held.)
I shouted Chinese feed last night - a tradition in the Keast family started by my Dad, Jack Keast. Also there were Deb/Bren, Marg, Bill and Nathan. Sorry, no photos taken. A top night. We are very lucky with our family, no doubt about it. (I was lucky more didn't turn up at short notice.)
And, a small benefit.... we are getting to see a bit more of the neatest little bloke in town.... Logan Jack McLaughlin. 15 months old.... see picture 2 above. What a cool dude!
More from Cudmirrah in a week or so.

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