Gra Nomad Wanderings

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm sure in some pretty flash company eh? Fancy one bloke getting to take out ALL these girls! He sure must be HOT! And wait... there's more! There's even Neats!!! (She took the photo.) We'd just been to see WEST SIDE STORY. A really great show. Don't miss it!

Somebody's gotta do the hard work - here is the hired help! This bloke turned out to be a pretty handy babysitter. Thanks Jem! His fees are expensive, but he's sure worth it.

Hey.... this girl sure has the touch. Well done Pete. She's giving him his first lessons in mobile phone etiquette. He paid close attention.

Not everybody was happy ALL the time! This guy has his moments. But he's a pretty neat bloke (most of the time)! Maybe he wants Pete or Jem to come spoil him again!

You don't get to see this guy unhappy very often. So take the photo!! He's one cool two year old. His hoody came from his great aunt in Cairns. (He really is very happy with the hoody.... there's something else that is bugging him.)

Of course Fa has to do his fair share of babysitting. Weather was beautiful during the day.

Unfortunately it takes it out of us old blokes a bit. Have to head back to Sussex for a breather! Get some respite care. Strike! This bloke's only got three grandsons! How's he gonna handle it if a few more arrive?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ever tried to keep up with an energetic 7 year old cyclist? I made that mistake last week. While I carefully negotiated puddles and mud holes, she simply went straight through – the line of least resistance so to speak. As a result, there were occasions when she finished up on the ground rather than on the bike – not a place I was really interested in ending up.

Did you know that Cadel Evans (Australia’s premier road cyclist) was originally a most successful mountain biker before turning to the road? Maybe Jaida might start off in the mud and progress from there. If she does get a contract, her mother hopes it will include clothing, a Laundromat option and somebody to clean the bike regularly!

This young cyclist has control, confidence and a healthy amount of competitive spirit. She also has a natural tendency – if there’s a puddle, let’s go through it! Thank goodness she’s going back to school! I can go back to resting in front of the fire.

Yep.... that's another puddle she's found. Good spotting Jaida!

Hhhmmmm. A picture tells a thousand words eh?

She's very comfortable out of the saddle too. Once you get to my age, you tend to stay on the seat a bit more often.

Oops! She doesn't always stay on the bike... quite often she and the bike part company. The good news is, when you're this small, it's not a long way to fall!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


This guy was firing on all eight cylinders today. Apparently he started partying in the morning and he was still into it at about 8 pm! Go the red cordial! Guess how easily he went to bed tonight? You guessed it!!

Here Joy is giving the newest member, Connor, a cuddle before he was baptized during the evening church service. Sure hope he sleeps well tonight seeing we've decided to have a sleepover. Back home tomorrow (Monday).

This bloke was stoked with his presents... here he is trying out his new back pack.
There were 10 little boys and Emily at the party. And that didn't count the adults!

Father and son! A happy day for Brendan who baptized his son.

Gill made the cake! What a cake! It's a soccer field complete with markings and soccer balls (cupcakes) around the outside. Even has goals! How can she and Simon do it when they have 2 year old twins and an 8 month old? (That's how old I think they are.)

Thanks Deb and Bren for a great party. This grandfather certainly didn't miss out.